Brian Baker

Peters, Christopher and Malesky, Allen. “Problematic Usage Among Highly-Engaged Players
of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.” Cyberpsychology and Behavior 11 (

I chose this article because this is the opposite of what I think about WOW's subculture and the ideals behind the game. Granted, people can take the game a little too far, but I just thought it conflicted with some of my perspectives and the people that I interviewed. It brought up some points regarding the problems associated with people who play MMORPGs a lot, claiming it was associated with neuroticism and agreeableness. I don't really agree with this, and plan on talking more about this in my paper.

external image x-zip.png Basic Style for Citations of Electronic Sources.docx This file contains basic instructions for citing electronicsources, including emails and articles from online databases.

Sarah Rider

Warin, Megan. "Primitivising Anorexia: The Irresistible Spectacle of Not Eating." The Australian Journal of Anthropology 15.1 (2004) : 95-104. Web. 25 Jan. 2009.

In her article "Primitivising Anorexia," Megan Warin claims that the images of thin and emaciated women used to represent anorexia do not accurately represent the experiences of actual anorexics. Warin discusses this as a problem common to current ethnographic research: the images surrounding the subject are so influential that it’s difficult to separate the experiences had by actual members of the subculture from the images the larger culture produces about the subculture. She goes on to argue that that relying on the stereotypes generated by these images limits our understanding of the group. In her research, a fifteen-month study of forty-six patients diagnosed

with anorexia conducted both in treatment facilities and in the patients’ own homes and workplaces, Warin uses the words of the patients undergoing treatment for anorexia to explain their experiences. Warin provides a new way to look at anorexia. It is still a disease, and one that kills people, but Warin explains the importance of considering the people who have the disease and the way they experience the illness as an important source of knowledge. She cautions against making these people into objects or “exotic creatures.” Instead she focuses on the importance of gaining a full understanding of them through interviews and observations.

Botzakis, Stergios. "Adult Fans of Comic Books: What They Get Out of Reading." Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 53.1 (2009) : 50-59. Print.

This short assignment asks you to read "Adult Fans of Comic Books" and analyze its form. How is it put together?

Brittney Voris
Rollins, Chris "Appreciating staff." Camping Magazine 71.4 (1998): 21. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.

This is an article dealing with the way to appreciate the staff at camp organizations. It gives ideas of how to show that you do understand what the staff is going through and want to reward them. It gives examples and ways to make your camp run smoothly and how to beat the “ mid-season slump.” This should give me ideas for more questions to ask.

Sueyoung Lee
Plett, Barbara “Legal eagles use Egypt’s laws to enforce practice of Islam” Christian Science Monitor 88 (1996): 43. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 11.Oct.2009

Youssra Mohamed Nassi m, the acress in Egypt got sued for the corruption of public morals. Because she was wearing a "slinky black-and-yellow outfit" in public and even her lately film. Sheikh Badri is a fundamentalist lawyer who has sued people who are considered against to the Islam by charging defamation law, Hezba, and has won. Barbara brought in some topics about suppression of press caused by Muslim fundamentalists and implicatively government.
This article might be helpful to my research since it describes the atmosphere of press and society, it provides me some questions about how and what Muslim thinks about these situations

teen parenting help.pdf Amanda Hall

This article is about the different programs that are available to help teen parents become better parents and about the different support groups that are out in the world. The article talks about how there is a mentoring program for teen parents so they have someone to teach them how to be a good parent and just have someone to talk to when life's not going your way. The article also talks about the roles and responsibility of the teen parent's parent. The article talks about how the parents of the teen parent needs to listen to their child about the different problems they're going though being pregnant and understanding why they're going through these problem and try to help the teen parent work through these problems.
This article helps me in my research because I now know what kinds of programs I can go to in redding to get more information on the different problems teens go through being pregnant and being a parent.

Nicole Mook
In this article, it talks about a group of young professionals that spend their extra time helping out the youth in the community. This group is called the Active 20-30 Club. It is a type of rotary for people ages 21-39. The bulk of the article talks about why people join and why it is so beneficial. Most of the people join because they are stuck between being a college graduate and finding their spot in the real world. The Active 20-30 Club "provides a social outlet for young people who may have outgrown or lost track of their friends from high school and are still developing contacts through their fielding careers". Most of the people who join the club are taken to a social meeting usually from an existing member. Most of the recruiting is done by word of mouth and not outwardly advertised. This article is significant to my project because it give me an insight on how and why people join.

Reanna Whitmore
Holmes,January. "Silenced:When Restaurants Get Fed Up With Rude Cell Phone Talkers." The Island Packet (2006) Web. 19 Oct. 2009
This article focuses on the “etiquette” of cell phone use while in public places, mostly restaurants. It talks about what some businesses are doing to curb the excessive and annoying use from customers while at their place of business, like putting up signs asking customers to refrain from using phones while ordering. “It kind of puts the waitresses in an awkward position,” is how one employee from a restaurant commented when asked, which is exactly how I feel when it happens to me. This article is useful because it point out an annoying and pesky issue that comes up in my research.
Michael Hoffman
Nielsen, Jon "Freerunners jump, twist and spin through Dallas architecture." Dallas Morning News, The (TX) 25 Apr. 2008: Newspaper Source. EBSCO. Web. 15 Oct. 2009
This is a helpful article because it gives a good description of its informants beliefs, and what the subculture is. It also addresses some of the concerns outsiders have to this subculture and shows how the people within try to keep themselves in good graces with the population. The informants in this article also discuss why they are part of this subculture, and why they stick with it.

Lolita Carranza
Peer harassment, school connectedness, and academic achievement Marla E Eisenberg, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Cheryl L Perry. The Journal of School Health. Kent:Oct 2003. Vol. 73, Iss. 8, p. 311-6

This article talks about peer harassment in high schools. It focuses on the who it effect more comparing it towards age, gender, and race. It also explains how it effects their academic studies as well as their grades. It talks about the different types of harassments commonly found in the schools. This article really help me out on my paper mainly because it helped target a point in my research that I had not touch based on yet and it gives mine another perspective in my paper. It help my better paper as well and give me something focus on.

Drew Bender
Nealy, Michelle. “The New Rules of Engagement.” Diverse: Issues in Higher
Education, v26 n3 p13. March 2009. 1pp. ERIC. Web. 7 October 2009

This article addresses the issues of how students should use Facebook while going to college. Many students in the past have been expelled, kicked off a team, or have been ousted from the University for putting up information or pictures that should not belong on Facebook. The author addresses these concerns to her students and let them know to be careful on what to post on Facebook. When posting a picture or writing a comment on Facebook, you (the student) are letting everyone see what wrote, not just your friends on Facebook. The Stanford’s code of conduct mandates that students maintain respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others. In conclusion, this article will help me in making my essay because it goes into details on the pro’s and con’s for what students should and should not post on Facebook or they could get expelled from the University.

Tyler Leecing

Ray Anno
Epstein, Christy. “Biker Culture: Pit Stop: Motorcycle Online” Web Guide, Lifestyle and Community (2000) 194. Print.
The main subject in this article is about an online Biker magazine called “Motorcycle Online” founded in 1994. This magazine claims offer truthful “unbiased” news and product reviews and customer service of a high quality. The editors focus on gaining reader trust and loyalty. Knowing how Bikers shop will help me find more places to find possible informants and learn Biker shopping habits. Knowledge of this information will help me better understand what a Biker buys, how often and why.

Caitlin Coyle
Irvine, Simon, and Sophie Taysom. "Skateboarding: Disrupting the City." Social Alternatives 17.4 (1998): 23. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.
The central idea of this article discusses "city space" and how skateboarding has changed the terrain of city life. The authors claim that a city is an organized area of space that shapes social relations. Therefore, to add skateboarders into the mix may disrupt the city. The article goes on to mention that skateboarders do this in two key ways; by claiming the terrain to practice different skills and also by treating all built environments as a single terrain. An example the authors use to show this disruption is the use of handrails in skating. Simon and Taysom state that handrails are built by the city for efficiency, to guide the consumer. However, the skaters confuse this logic by using the handrails for tricks. In closing, the article states that skateboarders purely pose a challenge to those that construct our cities and call for reconceptualisation of city space.

Richard Crumb
James C. McElroy, Julene M. Rodriquez, Gene C. Griffin, Paula C. Morrow, Michael G. Wilson. "Career Stage, Time spent on the Road and Truckload Drivers Attitudes." Transportation Journal (1993): 1-10. Web 7 Oct. 2009
This journal approaches the problems associated with the trucking industry. Driver retention and safety are major concerns and within this culture there are many individuals who migrate from one trucking company to another. This movement and loss of retention creates not only a staffing problem for trucking companies but also a safety problem for fatigue and disgruntled drivers. The need for data to establish patterns and potential as well as existing issues is a major issue. It is major because these truckdrivers are on the road with other drivers who expect that the drivers of these ‘big rig’ trucks are being monitored and are safe. This study for my report is important because this culture is one that has many variables affecting the drivers, such variables, as training, length of time spent driving over the road, health, and mental fatigue, weather, time away from home. This data will be represented in my journal as to answer the questions, “Why would anyone want to be involved in this industry and culture. What is appealing and to whom is it appealing?”

David Conner
"Does geocaching violate Leave No Trace?." Backpacker 36.3 (2008): 44. EBSCO MasterFILE Premier. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.
This article addresses a concern that many people have against geocaching in general. “Leave No Trace” principles state that when we go into a wilderness, we leave it as if no human has ever been present. Man y people feel that geocachers violate these principles when we leave a cache in place. Geocachers counter stating that the caches are only temporary and that we “Pack Out” tons of trash each year from public lands. The debate continues.

Drew Parker
Asanti, Ta'Shia "Lesbians in 12-step recovery can homophobia, racism and classism, stand in the way of getting help?." Lesbian News 24.2 (1998): 22. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.

This article addresses the issues lesbians face in recovery. It talks about the racism towards black lesbians but still is along the lines of what I am researching. It also talks about classism and how some have problems with getting into recovery programs which are vital to their recovery. The article also discuses how programs that have male counselors make it harder to work through things for these women due to their past experiences with men. In conclusion I believe that this article will help me because it goes into the homophobia, racism, and classism that these women have to deal with in recovery.

Andrew Schmidt
Dickey, Michele "Game design and learning: a conjectural analysis of how massively multiple online role-playing games (MMORPGs) foster intrinsic motivation." Educational Technology Research & Development 55.3 (2007): 253-273. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.
This article discusses how the structure in massive multiplayer online role-playing games supports intrinsic motivation in character development and in role-playing, and how that structure could be used in interactive learning. I found the article interesting and relevant to my project because it discussed how elements of the game design can either make players work together to solve different problems or to compete against each other. I am looking at the subculture of online player-vs-player games in social networks.

Daniel Krake
"Federal Transit Administration: Bus Rapid Transit Offers Communities a Flexible Mass Transit Option: GAO-03-729T." GAO Reports 19 (2003): 1. MAS Ultra - School Edition. EBSCO. Web. 12 Oct. 2009.
This article gives its readers a look at the processes taken by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in authorization of new, innovative means of public transit. This article focuses on city bus history, regulations for new buses, and the fiscal impact of adding new forms of innovative bus transit to communities who have not previously had bus rapid transit. In addition, it gives a firsthand look at what qualifies a community to receive federal grants in funding for new forms of rapid transit. I chose this article because it gives a detailed description of the definition of bus public transportation and the fiscal impact involved in supporting it. The subculture I have chosen is of people who ride the bus on a regular basis and whether or not this form of rapid transit is efficient to the people of Redding, California.

Colten Saunders
Remmerde, Juniper C. "How homeschoolers move from family room to college campus." Christian Science Monitor 06 Oct. 1997: 12. Newspaper Source. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.
This article is about hom eschoolers going to college and the changes in their lives. It also discusses the differences in homeschoolers applying to colleges compared to people who attended public school. It provided some normal stories, but nothing too interesting. A couple of students were a little worried about being in a big school, but it was nothing after a week. This is probably what I will get from interviewing people.

Amanda Rederburg

Dirkzwager, A. J. E., I. Bramsen, and H. M. Van der Ploeg "Factors associated with posttraumatic stress among peacekeeping soldiers." Anxiety, Stress & Coping 18.1 (2005): 37-51. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.

In the article “Factors Associated with Post-traumatic Stress Among Peacekeeping Soldiers” there is a study done in the Netherlands to see what the negative and positive effects of military operations on soldiers are and what they have to do with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. They used a variety of 3,481 soldiers from different fields to measure these effects in different countries. There was a higher rate of PTSD when soldiers went to Yugoslavia that when soldiers went to Cambodia. Therefore it really depended on the environment and the conditions of the different soldiers that increased the Post-traumatic Stress. Only a few soldiers received help while deployed which led to many problems with the soldiers lives of whom did not receive help.

By: Crystal Stanfill

Works Cited: Chmelynski, Carol. "Early College High School Jump-Starts Higher Learning." 2004. Shasta College Library Articles. Web. 12 Oct. 2009

Basically, this article is talking about the relatively new idea of early college high schools. In this program a student can earn their high school diploma as well as 2 years of college credit by the time they graduate. Typically, the high school is located on a community college campus, and uses all of the college facilities. They use the classrooms, cafeteria, elevators and everything. There are only 200 or so students in the school so it allows for more personalized learning, and the level of education is way above that of a regular public school. The great thing about it is that, the school pays for all of your college classes, so it helps students that otherwise couldn’t afford it t o get a head start. My cousin goes to an early college high school, and a fellow classmate of hers is getting sought out and offered scholarships by top notch colleges because she is getting A’s in her classes.

Bill Gates is the sponsor of these wonderful schools. At the time the article was written in 2004 there were 24 early college high schools and 70 more were on the way.This article allows me to see a chunk of history behind early college programs. Perhaps this is why Enterprise chose to offer concurrent enrollment classes. I also see why it is so great to be a part of any kind of early college program. You get so many opportunities, and it saves you a bundle of cash.

Roberts, Rich. "LAKE MEAD, Nev.". los angeles Times Apr 5, 1989.: Pg. 10-10. This is a short summary on an article of the subculture of professional fishing, specifically on one fisherman. John Bedwell, he became a professional fisherman thirty-three years ago at the age of twenty-six. It is said that it is a rare occasion to see such young men put both feet into the sport/sub-culture of professional fishing because of the need of putting so much of their lives into it. This includes time, money, and love. Out of all these the financial issue is what does it for most. With equipment, a hauling truck and a boat the least you can already be in it is about thirty-five grand, at the least. Then entrance fees for tournaments that range anywhere from $500-$30,000 to just participate. Then in order to break even or make a profit you need to at least place in the top ten. Most fishermen have another job throughout the week since most tournaments are held on the weekends. There is another thing though, for every day of fishing there are two of preparation. Therefore, throughout the week while they are working they need to prepare for the tournament for the weekend as well. These are all the cons of the sub-culture but it has many good things just like anything else. If you are a talented fisherman, even

just above average you will mostly do very well. You can actually make a living off of this culture. In some tournaments you can make as little as $6,000 to around $60-$100,000. For example Mr. Bedwell has made about $210,000 throughout his career, and he is not the best fisherman out there, but like I mentioned earlier you do need to put in quite a bit of your efforts into it just as he did.

Allan Coronado
In this article adolescents are researched to find what gender stereotypes and race typacily belong to different sports. It shows how even though teens from different backgrounds and different locations somewhat agree that some sports belong to males and some belong to females. It also tries to prove that these gender stereotypes are "there" begini ng around the age of 6-7 graders in elementary and grow into strong beliefs by the time athletes are in high school. And completely agree because when girls play football no one believes it.

Shelby Marolla
Yabroff, Jennie "In Defense of Cheering." Newsweek 151.12 (2008): 62. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 15 Oct. 2009.
The article “In Defense of Cheering” by Jennie Yabroff is about how people mostly stereotype cheerleaders as either a “straight A's prom queen, or the short skirt, slutty, queen-bee kind of girl.” She talks about not only women enjoy the sport, but men enjoy it also. For example, former presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and George W. Bush were cheerleaders at their colleges. Yabroff also explains that cheerleaders not only cheer for sports teams, but they do extremely competitive competitions. The article gives a little bit of background on cheerleading too and how it mainly a guy sport first before girls got into it. Then she says that cheerleading does attract drama queens, but “to be a cheerleader, you have to want to be the center of attention.” It connects to my research on the subculture because woman work just as har d as men and it’s not only the stereotypical cheerleaders who want to cheer its men too. Women and men cheerleaders not only want to be the center of attention and like wearing the uniform, but they like to pump up the crowd and get people involved in the sport.

Shellyatta Johnson

Faustino J. Cisneros Jr.
Q. Paradise. "Motocross: A history" The Gold Coast Bulletin (2007) : 14. Newspaper Source. EBSCO. Web. 15 Oct. 2009
In this article, it talks about the brief history of where motocross racing began and how the sport grew here in the United States. I found that a professional motocross race is called a supercross, almost like a Super Bowl here in the US. It says that a supercross is "raced indoors in entertainment centers and sports venues on short technical tracks with only man-made obstacles. The AMA supercross and motocross series are now considered the sports premier competitions." This article also has the definition of motocross and it was very useful so I could gather more information for my rough draft. Other articles didn’t have the information I was looking for. Fortunately, I found this one that at least has a little significance on my subculture.

Krystal Medina

Beth Bohan

Work Citied
This article helps by explaining what the Wiccan religion is really suppose to be. It also tells how society has given it a bad name, and why. One of the reasons is that people associate Wicca with Satanism. This article explains the difference between the two religions. It is useful to my paper for the fact that it explains a lot about the Wiccan religion as a whole and what their belief system is.

Meghan Rodriguez

Russel Maginn
In this article the author talks about the good and bad about internet forums. He states that they are a great way to gain access about certain topic that you are interested in, and that there is a basically a forum for anything in today’s world. He mentions that every forum needs a really good moderator. A moderator is a person who can edit, delete, and move people’s posts. A moderator can also ban people from forums. Generally they stay in active unless someone is posting things that can be considerate copyright infringement or if they are at tacking other people. Genera lly there is a list of rules you have to rea d before joining an online forum.

Brian Coehoorn October 16, 2009 at 1:45 am

In this blogger’s article. The blogger Hillary: A female early 20’s college student, talks about the night she turned 21 and the preceding and ensuing events of this momentous occasion. The occasion being almost a rite of passage for many people in America. One filled with consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol, and being a usually boisterous and happy and somewhat dangerous occasion in Social Drinking circles. This relates to my sub culture of Social Drinking in America and how I’m researching how it spreads and affects many people across many gender and social roles in young people. In this article she gives a vague run down of the most likely hazy events of that night and the nights leadings up to and followings her birthday. She talks about consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol before she was even the legal drinking age, and talking about how she drank for 2 weeks straight before her bday and for days afterwards. At this time it was finals week in her college. She talks about doing a “James Bond” pub crawl on her birthday and how much fun she had at the bars and the parties before and after she turned 21. I found this article very helpful and informative to my research of identifying social drinkers and their reasons and experiences, and how it spreads across many different social barriers. Also it shows how drinking is romanticized by a lot of young people. Being displayed as the thing to do, as something very fun and exciting, and drawing people that wouldn’t think would drink so heavily. Hillary talks about how she drank so much she should’ve died three times over in a very nonchalant and almost bragging sort of way, and how the “alcohol gods” kept her going and partying long after she had consumed probably too much alcohol. A statement I believe would alarm non-social drinkers and people who have never consumed or been around alcohol.

Malea Hadidian
Adair, Amy, and Danny Huizinga. “IS CHURCH RELEVANT?”
Ignite Your Faith; Sept/Oct Fall2008, Vol. 66 Issue 11, p18-18, 1p. Web. 15 Oct. 2009.
The author of this article, Amy Adair, writes about a boy named Danny Huizinga’s experience at church and at his youth group. Danny wondered if church was really relevant to his life. He had been attending church for years, but he felt like he was missing something. He did not feel like the lessons taught on Sunday mornings really related to things he was going through or areas he struggled with in his life. Once Danny reached the seventh grade he was old enough to attend his church youth group. Once he got there he felt like he fit right in. He especially liked his youth pastor Ron and stated that “… I could tell he was on fire for Christ and wanted people like me to feel that same excitement.” Even the lesson given that night, which Danny had heard countless times before, was taught in such a way that it brought relevance to Danny’s life by encouraging the kids to choose their friends wisely and hang out with people who build their faith and are a good influence on them. Danny was able to take the principle of the story away with him and apply it to his own life. He had a friend, Tim, who was not a very good influence on him and though it was hard, Danny found the strength and courage to stop spending so much time with him but invited Tim to hang out with him and his youth group friends. As Danny kept attending his youth group his faith in God began to grow and he started reading his Bible because he wanted to grow in his relationship with God, not because it was something he felt like he had to do.
It is very important for lessons taught at youth group to relate to what the students are going through in their lives. This article related to my ethnography because I asked my informants if the lessons that the youth pastor or guest speaker taught about were relevant to their lives and the informants said that they almost always were. This story is an awesome example of how youth groups really encourage someone’s faith and relationship with God and can change a person’s life.

BizLeslie Raygoza

Joe Avila

Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness; Nov2009, Vol. 70 Issue 11, p98-112, 10p, 4 graphs, 9 color

In this article "Training for Mr. T" the author explains how to keep your testosterone level up, referring to older Men that no longer have the testosterone level they used to. The author explain that by having a proper excercise routine with a rep. of 10 max, was the most beneficial to boost testosterone and gain more muscle. People that fallow this routine increased their testosterone level by 10%. Author also mention that doing two major body muscles excercises and only waiting one minute between sets is the best way to benefit from the best workout. Article has plenty of usefull workouts that you can do for great resuts. Workouts I have actually included to my daily workouts. This article will help my subculture cause it has a lot of information in regards to different workouts, best way to benefit from your workout and how to raise your testosterone level with propel workout routine. Stephanie Smith
The New York Times, Kayleen Schaefer " Your Hairdressers know, but they're not talking" December 6th, 2007
This article is talking about why most hairdressers aren't into giving out advice about relationships to their customers. One particular hairdresser talked about if his customer is belittling her ex husband he would say, “That’s a matter that needs to be discussed with a different professional than myself.” And then he would change the subject. He doesn't really worry about hurting they're feelings because that is not why he is in the hairbusiness. A lot of people go to their hairdressers for gossip, counseling, sex talk, their life problems, etc. But a lot of the time the hairdresser could care less or it makes them have a hard time on fo cusing on your hair.

Furman, Joan RN, HNC, MSN. “What you should know about chronic grief: Learn to deal with your own lingering emotions when a patient dies.” Nursing 32.2 (2002): 56. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 Oct. 2009.

In this article the author Joan Furman writes about the ways RN’s deal with lose of a patient. She discusses the three types of practices that Nurses should be doing for their patient such as having a physical presence or being at the bedside, meeting the psychological needs of the patient through conversation and a therapeutic presence which is a connection with the patient over their beliefs in religion, their body, and their internal being.
Joan progress through the article to show what the signs of “burnout” are for the Nursing staff that care for dying patients. Are the nurses not feeling adequate any more in their jobs? Are they substituting work for recreation or a personal life? These are a few examples she uses to convey what “burnout” looks like.

The article concludes with a few techniques used to avoid burnout and stress of loosing a patient. It is suggested that after a death of a patient we should discuss how that feels and why they died. This relieves the stress and lingering grief, it gives importance to their work. Verbal discussion allows for the Nurses to understand that they can not save everyone, but can provide comfort and compassion.
Ryan Zumalt

John Thatcher

What are the Uses and Gratifications Players Seek from Guilds in World of Warcraft. Nicole G., June-July 2005. Web. 19 Oct. 2009. <>.
This article deals with online relationships formed in world of warcraft. It explores the social aspect of the game and compares the two opposing factions. Nicole asks what players seek in a guild and what they actually get out of them. I'm tackling a very similar topic in my research and found this to be an interesting article.

Jeremy Dedmon

You can go your own way. Mick Heaney.,Sunday Times, The; 10/11/2009, p24,25-24,25,

This is an interview with a band that discusses how they were found and got signed. I like this article because it relates to my topic and deals with a band's drive. They were signed because their music would make money, but got lucky.

Shiori Sameshima
Lent, John A. “Far Out and Mundane: The Mammoth World of Manga.” Phi Kappa Phi Forum vol. 84 Issue 3 (2004): 38-41. Web. 20 Oct. 2009.
This article is all about Japanese manga, or comic books, and John A. Lent, the author of this article, discusses about many aspects of the culture. He talks about the economic situation of the manga industry in the US, how the manga market in the US was developed, and also he expands to the effects of the manga on the world market – the effects not only on the US market but also the markets in South Korea, Canada to Europe. Lent also talks about the manga otaku, enthusiastic manga funs, in his article and he compares some points of the otaku subculture in the US and Japan. My research topic is otaku subculture, especially about manga/anime(Japanese cartoons) nerds in the US, and I want to research the reasons why the otaku subculture became so popular in the US so that this articles is really helpful for me to figure out the history of manga culture in the US, and also to know about the otaku in the US and compare them with the people in the subculture in Japan.

Danielle Love

Jessica Rogers
21 October 2009
The Dangers of Facebook. 7 October 2009.

The Dangers of Facebook: Summary

Facebook is a system by which you can communicate with people. It is also an opportunity of self expression. “The Dangers of Facebook” is an article which addresses some security precautions crucial to the safety of social network users. Unfortunately, many of us disregard these safety measures and allow the public to have access to information that could compromise our safety.
The article suggests that editing your profile’s accessibility is one way that you can avoid identity theft and accidental information leakage to sexual predators. The last thing you want is for your private information to be visible to unknown eyes. Where you live, what your phone number is, where you plan to meet friends, when you will be away, etc… are a few examples of things you should keep private.
Aside from the dangers of identity thieves, burglars, and sexual predators, there is also the risk that people you do know will see certain information (profanity, inappropriate photos, etc…) School administrators, employers and potential employers, and parents are such people who you wouldn’t want to see just anything. In other words, screen what you choose to post carefully. The article puts it plainly, “Those party pictures can come back to haunt you.”
I think that most of us have retained a polluted perception that we are absolutely safe. When we see what happens to people on the news regarding sexual predators and identity thieves, we think “That could never happen to me.” We need to rethink our views on these issues. It is vital to our personal protection that we take precautions when using and enjoying social networks.

link -

summary - talks about a former zoo keeper's problems of running the zoo. Talks about how he tried to keep the visitors happy but mostly trying to keep the animals happy. It also talks about the different types of zoos and the different style of cages and habitats in the zoos.

usefulness - This pod cast was useful to me in a few different ways. It talked about the tatics different facilities use to keep their visitors happy as well as their animals. Also it helped when it talked about their cages/habitats, to understand the benifits and problems.

Girls, Women, and Smoking McClendon, Ruth Jones. La Prensa. San Antonio, Tex.:Mar 5, 2006. Vol. XVII, Iss. 35, p. 2A I think this article will help me to write about a smoking pot in girl, women, and how it effect them. When I had read this article I have more idea what eles I can add more imformation to my subculture.

Smoking among high school girls increased to the point that more than one-third female high school seniors are current smokers.Girls have an easier time buying cigarettes than boys, even at the earliest ages.There are many examples of tobacco ads and promotions dominated by the themes of social desirability and independence that directly target women, specifically girls. A national survey showed an abrupt increase in smoking by girls, back in the 1960s, when cigarette companies began ads for brands especially for women. Six years after the introduction of Virginia Slims and other female brands, the rate of smoking by 12 years old girls, alone, had increased by greater than 100 percent. "Slims" or "Thins" particularly target the social pressures on girls to be slender and more grown-up.

Michelle White

Michael Agger. New York Times Book Review. New York: Apr 19, 2009. p. 15

This article is a review of the book entitled "Stealing MySpace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America" by Julia Angwin. It gives a brief overview of how MySpace was created and the methods its creators used to help it flourish.

I believe this article is very helpful to my research because it gave me the background history I needed for MySpace and how it spent years working its way to the top of the social network scene. Not only that, but it gave me an interesting insight into the site itself, because MySpace had a very shady start that I hadn't previously known about.

Aaron Rasmussen

I feel this article had a lot of research put into it. It seems to study the issues and statistics of underage drinking. The writer seems to have a negative attitude towards any statistic that argues against the use of alcohol but the article also gives a lot of information about binge drinking and how it causes problems.