Brittney Voris Voris 1
Sarah Rider
English 1A
Written Response: Thin
“Thin” is a documentary about a facility called Renfrew designed to help girls with eating disorders. The director of the film, Greenfield, chooses about four informants to follow during her study. The girls she chose ranged in age from fifteen to women around their thirties.
Shelly has been force-fed by a tube in her stomach for about four or five years. When she first arrived at Renfrew she weighed about eighty-six pounds and said that she was “not happy anymore.” she was really skinny and depressed. She had found that she could empty her stomach through the tube instead of throwing up.
Polly admitted herself after she committed a failed suicide attempt. She was really trying to get better but was being a bad influence on her friends. She was kicked out for that reason and went back to her bad habits.
Brittany started purging when she was eight years old. Her pediatrician started her on an eating diet because he thought she was fat. Her mother also has an eating disorder and forced Brittany to go to Renfrew. Brittany did not want to be there and made it known to the people around her. Her insurance ran out and she was forced to leave.

Voris 2
Alisa is a mother of two children and has been admitted to a hospital five times since she was about sixteen. When her insurance ran out she went home and resumed the same dangerous habits as before.
Some of the themes and issues of this culture I think would be that these girls either want to get better or they don’t even want to be there. I also noticed that the food looked awful. I think if they want these girls to eat they should make food that looks appetizing. And it looked like it was always cold in Renfrew. The girls always had blankets. (But that could be because they don’t have any body fat)
Having an eating disorder can make you depressed and deathly sick and the informants can’t seem to help themselves. It seems that Renfrew could do a lot more for their girls. Greenfield’s informants didn’t look like they got any better. When they went home all of them went back to their own habits.

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