Community inside a Community:Lesbians in recovery

My proposal
In many cases there are subcultures inside of subcultures. These seem to be even closer knit than the whole subculture as a whole. This is what draws me to the lesbians in recovery. The individuals in recovery are close in Redding but inside of that culture lays an even closer one: a group of lesbians who all know each other, and are close. I have seen some of the struggles that they have gone through from being in a closed minded town about their personal lifestyles. It intrigues me to see what goes on among them and what keeps them so close together. Now, that I have stated my interest in this subculture, I will formulate my plan for gathering my information.
I believe it will be easy for me to gain access in their community due to the fact that I have personal friendships with a few individuals already and talk to them on almost a daily basis. I’ll be able to meet one on one or in a group setting. I have already gotten permission from one of them. I have not asked if I am allowed to use her full name so as of right now I will only use a first name, Jessie. I have a few more that I know will talk to me, but haven’t gotten consent yet, so I will not use any more names. All of my informants will be useful because they are the ones that make up this community. The ones I have talked to so far know that they are a subculture and know the inner workings of their group. They will be able to tell me what goes on in their group and how they came to be a close knit family. I will also be able to find out what sort of unwritten laws and moral standards that they hold themselves accountable for. I am going to gather my information by a few different techniques. One is that I will observe them in their everyday activities. The second is that I will be interviewing them on individual basis. Next, I am also going to get them together as a whole group to see how they act out in public as a group. Finally, I want to give them a video camera so that they can show me the inner workings of their group when I am not around. I am a male so they might act differently when I’m around.
While thinking of how I will insert myself in to group, I began to foresee a problem. I know that they will be willing to talk to me, but what if they act differently around me because I am a male and not part of their subculture? This is why I came up with the idea of giving them a video camera to operate when I’m not around and they are all together. This still has some problems with it as well. Such, as will they act strangely when a camera is being passed around, which is sometimes the case with cameras. I believe that this will not be big of a problem due to the fact that I have many different types of information gathering tools.
My first interview with Jessie Happ

Second interview with Jessie Happ

Survey questionare to hand out to members of group to help find a purpose for my study.

One of the meeting areas of my subculture.

The video of that place.
Can one be born an addict?

A clip of an interview with informants Jessie and Angelina

My first draft of my ethnogragpy