We'll use this page as a place to share our current drafts and discuss possiblities for revision. When you upload your work, be sure to include the title of your paper and your full name.

Wiccan Reilgion By Beth Bohan

Freedom from Active Addiction by Meghan Rodriguez A World within the World of Warcraft by Brian Baker

A pot smoker by Nipathon Suttithamma

Cheerleading: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore by Shelby Marolla
Bay Area Cremation and Funeral Services by Danielle Love
Social Drinking by Brian Coehoorn
Hairdressers by Stephanie Smith

christain subcultures by shellyatta Johnson
Riding "Dirt Bikes" as a Beginner...by Faustino Cisneros
Cycling 101 rough draft by chris phelps

The Otaku in USA: Japanese Comics and Cartoons Nerds by Shiori Sameshima
"Who Are You This Week?" - MySpace Ethnography draft by Michelle White
Bodybuilding by Joe Carranza
Marine Ethics By Heather Van Alstyne

Juggalo Community Ethnography By Krystal Medina

Incarcerated Youth By: Alma Rosas