We'll use this page as a place to share our current drafts and discuss possibilities for revision. When you upload your work, be sure to include the title of your paper and your full name. "Sorority Living" by Sara Camara

Eng 2 Ethnography Rough Draft. One Game. One night. 2 Winners. By Julia Condos.

Russ Maginn

Eng 2 Ethnography Rough Draft- Are fraternities as bad as we think they are? By Brandon Brewer

Eng 2 Ethnography Rough Draft - The Animal Kingdom By Matt Day

Engl 2 Ethnography Rough Draft By Michael Spencer

Engl 2 ethnography draft "Running Free" By Michael Hoffman

ENGL 2 Facebook Ethnography "A place to make friends and chat" By Drew Bender

ENGL 2 Facebook Ethnography: "The Elite Social Network" By Jessica Rogers

"Academics v. Socializing" Lolita Carranza

"Pelican's Roost:Behind the Service" rough draft Reanna Whitmore

"Youth Group" Malea Hadidian

"Life in a Band" roughdraft Jeremy Dedmon

"Fantasy football" rough draft Ben johnson

" workin for a healthier life" rough draft by jaime zendejas

"Hip Hop" Chelsea Lechner

"Fan of Fiction" rough draft Sean Campbell

Forming Groups and Social Interaction in World of Warcraft By John Thatcher

Scott Whittingham.

Jim Hartsell