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Karen Dias examines the use of Pro-Ana (pro anorexia) cyber-communications and their ties to what she terms "third wave feminism" in her essay "The Ana Sanctuary: Women's Pro-Anorexia Narratives in Cyberspace."

Megan Warin
discusses the issues surrounding (mis)representations of anorexia and anorexics in her essay "Primitivising Anorexia: The Irresistable Spectacle of Not Eating."

In his essay "Visible Disability in the Writing Classroom" Mark Mossman writes about visible physical disability using theories of current disability research as a lense through which to understand pivotal experiences in his own life. Consider his essay as a possible model for your own paper.

This American Life: "Got You Pegged" In this episode of the NPR show "This American Life," the stories explore stories of mistaken identity and the assumptions we make.


A writing exercise designed to generate ideas about how we think about ourselves, and the pivotal events that shape our ideas.

Identity Paper